Illinois Video Gaming Licensed Terminal Operator

We Provide Video Gaming to Qualified Establishments


When was Video Gaming legalized?
Illinois legalized video gaming on July 13, 2009

What is Video Gaming?
Video slots and video poker played on Video Gaming Terminals approved by the State of Illinois. Real money can be played and won legally at licensed establishments.

What is a Licensed Terminal Operator?
A company licensed by the State of Illinois to own and operate the Video Gaming Terminals. Terminal Operators provide the Video Gaming Terminals to licensed establishments. Terminal Operators cannot own a licensed establishment, and licensed establishments cannot own the Video Gaming Terminals.

What is a Qualified Establishment?
Liquor licensed establishments, fraternal/veterans establishments, and truck stops. These qualified establishments must apply and obtain a location license for video gaming from the state.

Location License Application:

What are the requirements for an establishment to obtain a location license for Video Gaming?
1. Their municipality must be opt-in and allow Video Gaming
2. The establishment must maintain a valid liquor license issued by Illinois
3. A completed location license application must be submitted to the Illinois Gaming Board and approved
4. The applicant must undergo a background check and be fingerprinted by the IGB
5. Annual $100 fee must be paid

How does an establishment with a location license get Video Gaming Terminals?
1. Sign a Use Agreement (Contract) with a licensed Terminal Operator
2. Designate a Gaming Manager
3. Provide a safe/secure location for the placement of Video Gaming Terminals
a. http://www.ilga.gov/commission/jcar/admincode/011/011018000B02700R.html
b. http://www.ilga.gov/commission/jcar/admincode/011/011018000H08100R.html
4. No more than 5 Video Gaming Terminals may be placed in a single licensed establishment
5. Annual Video Gaming Terminal fees must be split equally between the establishment and Terminal Operator ($100 per VGT)

What are the costs for the establishment?
1. Annual $100 location license fee
2. Annual Video Gaming Terminal fee must be split equally between the establishment and Terminal Operator ($100 per VGT)
3. Advertising specifically for the location

What happens to the profits from the Video Gaming Terminals?
The state mandates the allocation of the Video Gaming Terminal profits (or Net Terminal Income). The distribution, based on percentage, is as follows:
State Tax: 25%
Local Tax: 5%
Administrative Share: 0.7275%
Terminal Operator Share: 34.63625%
Establishment Share: 34.63625%

The Terminal Operator is responsible for distributing the tax payments, administrative share, and establishment share. The establishment share is directly deposited into a designated account monthly and a detailed report is provided.

Other important information:
IGB Policy on Inducements, Advertising & Promotions

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Payout Device

With or without the ATM

Our payout devices are self-contained and collect the payout vouchers from the Video Gaming Terminals. The M3T is placed in close proximity to the Video Gaming Terminals and Establishment staff DO NOT need to pay out each voucher from a behind the bar device. Also, paid vouchers are collected within the machine so they do not turn into trash throughout the establishment.

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